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Cheerful Pregnant Woman

Perinatal & Maternal Counseling


One-on-one online therapy for people experiencing issues related to:



Labor and Delivery

Birth Trauma

The Postpartum Period

Transitioning Into Motherhood

Maintaining Maternal Wellness

Pregnancy Loss


Perinatal & Maternal Couneling

Online Courses

Postpartum Prep:

Mental Health During Motherhood's First Year


We spend months preparing for the physical aspects of childbirth, but what about the emotional aspects of new motherhood? Welcome to Postpartum Prep!

Knowing what to expect with your mental health is the first step toward a smoother postpartum experience. This online course will give you knowledge and practical tools to help you feel better equipped in navigating the mental health struggles of motherhood's first year.


Coming soon - be the first to know when this online course is launched!

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Rates & Insurance

Perinatal & Maternal Counseling

50 minute session - $130

80 minute session - $180 (for planned EMDR sessions only)

Motherhood Support Group

60 minute session - Free


Root To Rise Counseling is considered an out of network provider and does not bill to insurance companies; however, paperwork can be provided for you to submit independently to your insurance provider.

Motherhood Support Group
Rates & Insurance
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